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Our Services

We are an investment consulting company specialized in FX trading.

We serve Institutional and Private investors with 3 services:



We can provide you with FX buy/sell signals based on the market rules we prove to be profitable


Investment oursourcing

We can trade your account, fund, or portfolio on your behalf, replicating one of our trading systems


Copy trading

You can copy trade some of our trading systems published on MQL5

Our Method

At Scientific Investing, our investment strategies are founded on a scientific approach.
We elaborate investment strategies whose performance is scientifically proven. 



We search for market rules that systematically happen over time and across all major curencies.
We use statistical analysis to prove the market rule is valid.



We build investment strategies and trading systems based on statistically proven market rules.



Every investment strategy is backtested for a 5-year period and real tested for 3+ months across all major currencies.
Only strategies statistically beating the market returns/risk are used for our customers and our proprietary trading systems.

Market Rules Examples

99% winning trades

If you buy or sell with a 10 pips take profit, your trade wins in 99% of cases within one year.
This is not enough to make profit, as the losses you have in the remaining 1% of case overweight the profits.
However, if combined with other market rules, this strategy can actually generate a high amount of profits.

2000 pips reversal

We proved that, in case of a 2000 pips price increase (decrease) within a year, a currency pair price has much greater probability to show a price decrease (increase) in the following months.

Fast Stochastic

We analyzed the performance of a huge number trading strategies based on technical analysis indicators on daily charts of last 5 years and across all major currency pairs.
Strategies based on Fast Stochastic or similar indicators are the only ones showing persistent positve returns in every single year and for every single currency pair.

5+ Candels in a row

Whenever a currency pair chart shows 5 candles of the same color in a row, there is a strong probability of trend reversal in the following days. So we suggest to buy (sell) whenever you see 5 declining (rising) candles in a row.
Pay attention: for this strategy to perform, placing your exit is fundamental.